About Us

Igniting purposeful and fulfilled lives. 

Established in 2019, our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing place where people find immediate relief, hope, encouragement, and unwavering support to move from homelessness to safe shelter and opportunities for growth and independence.  

We are a registered charity based in Mackay, Queensland.
We have Deductible Gift Recipient 1 Status, Charity Tax Concessions, and are 100% community funded.

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Our Location

We currently operate from 1/7 Victoria Street, Mackay from within our 'Chances Op Shop' building. We are actively seeking opportunities to relocate our homelessness services to provide a much needed larger space and more amenities for our friends on the streets. 

Our Homelessness Services

We offer a wide range of homelessness services to people experiencing homelessness in Mackay.

Meal Service
We operate Mackay's only daily homelessness meal service. We offer breakfast and lunch (Monday to Friday) alongside weekend packs. You can donate a meal here.

Homelessness Healthcare
We assist people experiencing homelessness with accessing relevant healthcare services such as medical, dental, opthalmology and more. We will soon be establishing our own in-house Homelessness Healthcare program and will offer access to more intensive healthcare support via our Registered Nurse who will operate from our Homelessness Healthcare Vehicle.

Drop-in Lounge 
We operate Mackay's only homelessness drop-in lounge where people can access resources such as phone charging facilities, internet, printing, telephone, toilet, tea and coffee station and more. This space also gives people a safe and inclusive place to 'be' whilst our compassionate staff and volunteers offer conversation, support, guidance and more.  

Essential Items
We offer a wide range of essential items to help make life on the streets a little easier. We offer tents, sleeping bags, insect spray, personal care items, torches, clothing, shoes, first aid supplies and more. Anything that is donated to our Op Shop which is deemed to be useful and needed for a person experiencing homelessness will not be sold - it will be kept aside for our friends on the streets.