Chances Cafe Mackay

Chances Cafe Mackay - Homelessness Employment


About Chances Cafe:

From our many conversations with people experiencing homelessness over the years, we discovered that they are more often than not further disadvantaged by a lack of employment opportunities, which results in a lack of accommodation options. This is known as the cycle of homelessness, and Australian Street Aid Project have established Chances Cafe to allow us to provide people with solutions – not simply a band-aid fix.

Chances Cafe is situated at 172 Shakespeare Street, Mackay.
Within this café, we employ people who are experiencing homelessness. We focus on giving them the tools that they need and desire in order to turn their lives around and exit the cycle of homelessness. Our employees are provided with; support services (counselling, financial planning), accommodation assistance and upskilling/training opportunities.

Chances Cafe Mackay - Homelessness Employment Initiative

The aim of the program is to transition all employees into regular accommodation and employment within 6-12 months, allowing us to take on new employees who have also been disadvantaged by homelessness.

100% of proceeds from Chances Cafe are used to sustain and expand this employment program, with any additional profits used to further fund our ASAP Outreach operations. 

From within Chances Cafe, we offer a welcoming space and a fresh meal for other people who are experiencing homelessness, whilst our ASAP Volunteers offer assessments, support services, Street Kits and other ASAP Outreach Services.

Pizza at Chances Cafe