7 Victoria Street, Mackay (cnr. Victoria & Endeavour St)
Open Mon-Fri 8.30am to 3.00pm

Chances Op Shop is a non-profit fundraising and employment initiative of Australian Street Aid Project. We utilise the funding from the op  shop to provide our essential homelessness services.

From within Chances Op & Coffee Shop, we offer the following homelessness services: 
- Street Kits/Swags/Tents & care packs
- Homelessness support
- Crisis accommodation assistance 
- Meals and a place to recharge
- Clothing & basic essentials
- Healthcare appointment assistance
- Pet care and assistance
- Non perishable foods
- Assessments, advice  & referrals

Shopping with us or making a donation allows us to continue this good work.

Thank you for your support. 

Contact us:

Phone: 0497 959 742

Email: chances@austreetaid.org

Chances Op & Coffee Shop Logo

To volunteer: please apply in store
To donate: please drop goods off during business hours only.

Please call us prior if your goods are large, heavy or a large quantity (more than 3 bin bags full)

 This is to ensure that we have the capacity to accept the items and to ensure that we have volunteers available who are capable of lifting heavy objects.

Furniture items: to save us spending valuable proceeds on dump runs, you must send a photograph of the item/s prior to them being accepted. This is due to us having received a large quantity of damaged, stained or unsellable furniture items.

Dumping: Please DO NOT dump on charities.