Access and Equity

Purpose - Why do we have this policy?

This policy tells you how we work together to treat people fairly.


We make our services available to everyone who is entitled to them, free of any form of discrimination because of a person’s country of birth, language, culture, race, identity, sexuality or religion.

We deliver services based on fair treatment of all people experiencing homelessness who are eligible to receive them.

We incorporate formal equity and substantive equity in our work and decisions.

What this means for you

We deliver services in a way that treats people fairly.

Formal equality means - we treat everyone the same.

Substantive equality means – We allow beneficial treatment for some people from disadvantaged groups so they can have human rights equal with others.

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It is the responsibility of the CEO and all team members to implement this policy.



Our staff and volunteers shall, wherever feasible, have adequate support and training to provide services and information accessible to all eligible people experiencing homelessness.

We ensure that our programs are designed and constructed to provide equal access for all people experiencing homelessness.

In the role as an employer; we will work to ensure that all people have equal access to advertised positions, interviews, equipment, office accommodation, staff training and promotion.

We integrate complaints mechanisms that enable people (regardless of cultural and linguistic backgrounds) to address issues and raise concerns about our performance.

We consider cultural diversity in the design and delivery of the training programs we provide.


In the event of any conflict or inconsistency of information, the policy statement and details prevail over the “what this means for you” statement.